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Friday, June 17, 2011

White water adrenaline rush

It is as it sounds: a flow of adrenaline rush during the rafting trip! Starting from this year  MountainPro  - romanian guiding and outdoor agency and its partners is offering water-related activities, such as river rafting and kayaking. Challenging waters for the braves or more peacefull streams for family trips, everything's possible.

Our playground is Buzau river (ww2 up to ww3+), about 80 km away from Brasov,  a river that has a constant volume becouse of the water from the power plant, so we can provide white water trips starting from early spring 'till late autumn.
You'll be provided with full neoprene suite, neoprene boots, lifejacket, helmet and paddle, and certified river guides (will open a .pdf document with certified river guides from the International Rafting Federation website).

Safety is very important for us, that's why all our guides are IRF certified guides with great river guiding experience. As well, our equipment is designed for increased safety. We use Spreu Boote Hippo boats and equipment.

You can find us at Buzau river on weekends, but trips during the week are also possible upon request. Please use the contact section on Mountainpro website to make a provisional booking via telephone or email or to check the availability for a certain date.

There's no more to say than come out and play ! We hope to see you all by the river soon!

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