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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Romanian Mountain Guides Association - Training in Retezat Mt. - Video story

Between the 16th to 22nd of March 2013 AGMR/RMGA Romanian Mountain Guides Association held the winter module course in Retezat Mt. at Gentiana Chalet. 17 participants and 8 AGMR/RMGA instructors attended to this event. Ortovox, the official supplier of AGMR/RMGA, represented in Romania by Alpin Expe Oradea came up with the prizes. During a week the participants were involved in the following workshops: alpine winter ascent, ski touring, climbing on mixt terrain or/and ice, crevasse rescue techniques, first aid, shelter building, avalanche awareness and avalanche rescue. Here you'll find a video story of the event, powered by MountainPro Romanian Guiding Agency. Enjoy watching!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Another epic winter on SplitBoard - K2 Panoramic

Well, it's for the second winter when I'm using this amazing splitboard made by K2 called Panoramic. I've got mine from, Bucuresti, Bulevardul Decebal Nr. 9, the official distributor of K2 equipment in Romania - thanx to Mr. Cristi Borda - to test it for the past winter season, and it was such a thrill! From my home resort to backcountry this snowboard shreded every single slope at any angle I was going to.

 As a mountainguide and snowboarder I started to appreciate the advantages of having a splitboard: long range for traveling on deep snow, autonomy created by this aspect, easy way approaching the summit, and, not at last, SNOWBOARDING ALL THE WAY DOWN!!! But K2 Panoramic is simply more than this. From the icy slopes of Retezat Mt. to the deep powder in Fagaras Mt. my K2 Panoramic splitboard was my faithful friend.

Funny enough, I was the only snowboarder in a ski-mountaineering competition at Postavaru Night - the 4th of March 2012.

Efortless turns on hardpack, majestic float on powder(thanks to its Setback 1" - 25mm stance) - despite I am pretty tall - 188 cm, and my Panoramic is just 162 cm long - it was just great to have this lethal weapon as my partner! This splitboard - if you buy it as a kit - comes with Voile binding system, and you can attach any snowboard binding you may have, and with custom climbing skins - swiss made, by Pomoca, providing unmatched grip and traction.

K2 Panoramic has a lot to offer thanks to the technology it was created with:

TWEEKEND - ADDED STABILITY, FLOAT & LANDING POWER A revolutionary tweek to the ends of our industry leading Baseline technology. By extending the Baseline rocker all the way out to the absolute ends of the board, new ride-able surface is unlocked, giving you a bigger, more stable platform to press, float and land on.

BAMBOOYAH - Skate inspired Indestructibility BAMBOOYAH® expands out into more models in this it’s second year. We now offer original Bambooyah cores and the all new Bambooyah Blended cores. Created for models that could benefit from just a little bit of Bambooyah’s incredible strength. A little bit of Bambooyah goes a long way.

HIBRILIGHT - Less waste, more shred! K2’s exclusive Hybrilight construction features a thin, constant thickness sidewall designed for maximum performance and minimal material usage. The result is a lighter, more advanced snowboard with significantly less waste produced in manufacturing. Better on hill and greener for the hill.

K2 Splitboard specs: 154, 158, 162, 168 cm
BASELINE: All Terrain Rocker Tweekend
DAMPING: Standard CONSTRUCTION: Hybrilight
SHAPE: Hyper Progressive
STANCE: Stance Setback 1" (25mm)

As I've been checking out another binding systems I have to admit that this Voile kit it's just fantastic! No loose parts to drop in the snow, everything's attached to the binding and switching from ski mode to snowboard mode comes handy and it's really fast! Very useful during climbs is the lifter but unfortunately it has only one position, which is a little too high, and probably you'll use it rarely. The good news is that you can buy the Voile Splitboard Dual Height Climbing Heels for about 36 $ and replace the existing one.

Maybe the best feature of K2 Panoramic Splitboard is the way that the tail responses to different terrain, keeping you on track, being very forgiving when riding conditions are changing from soft to hard snow, and on landings.

The skins have really good traction, and are pretty easy to fit and remove from the board due to the innovative fixing system. To add more traction during climbing on hard pack you can use the Voile crampons for extra grip. Cool thing is that you can use it in 2 modes: a swinging mode, when the crampon is attached to the binding - and the drag is reduced at minimum without loosing grip, and a fixed mode when the crampon will increase drag but will come very handy on hard and steep terrain, when the grip provided by the skins only is scarce.

Taking care of your splitboard is essential. From time to time you should check if all the binding screws are tight, and if every part is in a good condition; check also if the safety lock of the pin is not loose, and if it is use a pliers to tighten it. Inspect the edges and sharpen'em if necessary. Take good care of the skins if you'd like to use them for a long time, without loosing their properties.

So, at the end of all this, if you think about buying a splitboard, it might be an ideea to keep in mind this option provided by K2 Snowboards - the Panoramic Splitboard. For romanian customers -, Bucuresti, Bulevardul Decebal Nr. 9, Tel.: +4 0314 255 994 | Mobile: +4 0731 347 184, email:

For updated info about riding K2 Panoramic splitboard , technical features, tips & tricks or just impressions please contact me on mountainpro romanian guiding agency website !!! Play safe!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Glacier tech workshop in swiss alps, august 2011

Mountainpro Romanian Guiding and Outdoor Agency is inviting you in Switzerland, in the heart of the beautiful Bernese Oberland Alps for a glacier techniques workshop in August, 2011.

It is a five day glacier workshop, starting on the 22nd of August till the 26th of August 2011, and during this time you'll learn basic glacier travel techniques, accidental fall arrest, how to set anchors in the snow, crevasse rescue, ice climbing and so on, and on the last day we'll summit Frundenhorn (3369m).

There will be two guides running this workshop, Marc Schertenleib (CH) - UIAGM/IVBV/IFGMA mountainguide and Ciprian Moruzan (RO) - AGMR/RMGA mountainguide, and we are expecting six to eight guests to attent, in this way we make sure that everyone has enough time to learn and practice during the workshop; on the other hand keeping a small guide/guests ratio will ensure an increasing safety aspect.

We'll be based in Frundenhutte, at 2562 m, at the base of the glacier, having an excellent view of the peaks around (Frundenhorn and Bluemlisalphorn), as well of the gorgeous lake below.
We will provide the following:
- 5 days guided instruction on the mountain with 2 certified mountainguides;
- group gear - ropes, technical ice axes, ice screws, pulleys;
- meals and accommodation during your stay in Frundenhutte;

You should have your own equipment(waterproofs, thermals, crampons, mountaineering ice axe, strong mountaineering boots, gaiters, few pairs of good socks, sunglasses, gloves, water bottle, 2-3 locking carabiners, first aid kit, sunscreen), head lamp, 2 prusik loops.

Please use the contact area on MountainPro Romanian Guiding Agency website to join this trip and for further informations, or simply send and email to mountainpro(at) .

We look forward to hearing from you and to meet you in August to share a beautiful adventure in the Alps!

White water adrenaline rush

It is as it sounds: a flow of adrenaline rush during the rafting trip! Starting from this year  MountainPro  - romanian guiding and outdoor agency and its partners is offering water-related activities, such as river rafting and kayaking. Challenging waters for the braves or more peacefull streams for family trips, everything's possible.

Our playground is Buzau river (ww2 up to ww3+), about 80 km away from Brasov,  a river that has a constant volume becouse of the water from the power plant, so we can provide white water trips starting from early spring 'till late autumn.
You'll be provided with full neoprene suite, neoprene boots, lifejacket, helmet and paddle, and certified river guides (will open a .pdf document with certified river guides from the International Rafting Federation website).

Safety is very important for us, that's why all our guides are IRF certified guides with great river guiding experience. As well, our equipment is designed for increased safety. We use Spreu Boote Hippo boats and equipment.

You can find us at Buzau river on weekends, but trips during the week are also possible upon request. Please use the contact section on Mountainpro website to make a provisional booking via telephone or email or to check the availability for a certain date.

There's no more to say than come out and play ! We hope to see you all by the river soon!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Freeride Tech & Safety Workshop, Ski Touring and Snowboarding - March 11-13th, Bucegi Mt. - Padina

It is all about safety first, and fun after.

This is an event developed by with its partners K2, Ortovox, ABS ┼či Spot. Of course, MountainPro Guiding - the Romanian Guiding Agency is involved as well, as part of the staff, in charge with the presentation of safety equipment and running the avalanche workshop.

You'll be skiing/snowboarding all day long, along with a professional instructor in powder and hard pack on steep slopes, using skis perfectly tuned for you.

You'll learn how to use all the new safety toys on the market, that means an avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel, Avalung, ABS, GPS and SPOT. You'll learn how to plan a tour starting in front of your computer, at home.

This event is created for skiers and nonskiers, snowboarders and nonsnowboarders, for those who love the mountains in the winter and who want to do it safely, 'till they'll grow old.

Can I join? Yes, if you find yourself below:

- you are a skier/snowboarder at least at the intermediate level on piste and you want to learn how to ride safely off-piste
- you're already a rider and you want to learn the latest safety techniques, plus a ski test with K2 skis
- you are an absolute beginner or non skier/snowboarder yet but you'd like to start from somewhere
- you'd like to discover the mountains in the winter time, even if you're not skiing/snowboarding
- you'd like to meet cool people and discover a beautiful place in the mountains

The schedule is pretty tight and looks like that:

- ski/snowboard off-piste workshop, with qualified instructors (10-16 years of riding experience)
- tours on skis/snowshoes: technique, how to choose a route, group leadership and risk management
- ski test K2, using various off-piste models
- tech workshop: skis/bindings, (rocker technology, reverse camber, pros and cons)
- tech workshop: navigation with compass, map, GPS, SPOT, Google Earth, Touratech, MapSource
- tech workshop: snow profiles, the dynamics of snow layers, profiles, Rutschblock test, avalanche triggers
- tech workshop: avalanches - typology, prediction, evaluation, what to (or not to) do, live avalanche scenario, how to use the avalanche kit (transceiver, probe, shovel)
- Photo/Video presentation: when to relay on Mountain Rescue support and when on your own possibilities.

All workshops will start on Friday, the 11th of March 2011, at the ANSMR(national mountain rescue association) headquarters, Padina Strungii, Bucegi Mt.



10.00-10.45 intro, getting ready, route choosing
10.45-16.00 ski/snowshoes touring, beginners and intermediates groups
19.00-22.00 safety equipment(transceiver, probe, shovel, Avalung, ABS) workshop. Lecturer: Ciprian Moruzan
Ready to navigate/orienteering before starting the tour and "I Love Snow" film projection. Lecturer: Mihai Mares


09.00 Leaving to the sheephold in Strunga:
- downhill techniques on skis/snowboards workshop
- "survival skiing" workshop - techniques for beginners
- ski touring workshop for non-skiers and skiers
- avalanche workshop. Lecturer: Ciprian Moruzan
16.00-17.00 Food and refresing
17.00-19.00 Snow study workshop. Lecturer: Mihai Mares


09.00 Tours on skis/snowshoes; Riding offpiste on skis/snowboards; Snow study field workshop (snow profiles, Rutschblock test)


Ciprian Moruzan, trainer, AGMR-RMGA mountainguide, ORTOVOX Tech advisor
Mihai Mares, trainer, Ski Instructor 1st Category, mountain rescuer, geography bachelor degree.
Mihaela Mares, trainer, Ski Instructor 1st Category, ANEFS licence in alpine ski
Cristi Borda, freerider, adventure photographer, K2 Tech advisor


250 Ron/pers (includes all logistics cost, including workshops and use of group technical equipment)

Extra: The cost for transport/food/accommodation. We are making NO reservation, make shore you book a place to stay at Padina or Coteanu chalets.

Diplomas and Prises:

Every participant will receive a diploma. 3 river rafting vouchers (50 EUR wort each)will be handed over.
The diploma will give you discounts when buying equipment from our partners.


Via e-mail at

Maximum number of riders for this event is 20. At your arrival you'll be signing a responsibility assuming declaration and you'll be able to cover the event expenses.

Mandatory equipment:

Skis/snowboards, boots, helmet, goggles, poles.

Recommended equipment:

- Full ski/snowboard equipment
- Spine protection (guard)
- Avalanche kit (transceiver, probe, shovel)
- Backpack
- Water bottle, or thermo resistant water bottle (ideal)
- First aid kit
- Winter clothing
- Notebook and pen

See you in Padina!