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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First aid & CPR in outdoor environment

Well, all this time spent waiting for my dislocated shoulder to heal made me think pretty serious about an issue that a lot of people will leave behind sometimes, when preparing for a new thrilling adventure.
Basic knowledge about first aid and CPR is a must, you never know when the unknown will hit, so better prepared than helpless. You can get an arrangement with the local Red Cross in order to follow a basic first aid & CPR course, helping you to achieve an useful package in this field.
Don't forget about the first aid kit as well, most times you can buy one from the chemist shop; mountain & outdoor shops can also provide those items, in different packages, suited from individuals to groups.

Check out , a unique self-guiding CPR and First Aid course, time-saving alternative for those individuals who need to learn the fundamentals of Basic Life Support but whose schedules may not permit lengthy lectures and expensive instructors. Each of their step-by-step CPR and First Aid lessons are thoroughly explained with minimal technical jargon and include a helpful quick review section. A brief quiz will recap everything you learned and will give you the confidence you'll need to take appropriate course of action should an emergency arise.

We've got to end this in a happy mood, so here's a video about basic techniques of CPR, as suggested by Robin Blandford, founder of Decisions For Heroes on his Facebook account. Enjoy video and stay SAFE. Peace!