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Friday, March 12, 2010

NorthStar 2010 - 1,800 km Greenland Expedition

Yeah, yeah, yeah! That's the spirit, cos is always good to hear that a friend is goin' to start a new adventure! What's the plan? Well, "to cross the island of Greenland from the East coast to the West Coast, unsupported, in a diagonal heading starting at the coast close to the town of Tasiilaq and hopefully finishing at Qaanaaq. This represents a distance of around 1800 kilometres or 1100 miles!" (North Star Expedition website)

More than this, the Greenland Expedition is designed "TO EXPLORE A TRUE WILDERNESS USING A NEW AND EXCITING SPORT AND CELEBRATE THE MEMORY OF A FRIEND." If you'd like to help and support the team please visit North Star Expedition official website ( You should also know that 50% of all support goes to charities.

Who's in for this game? Mustard Robley and Fran Middleton, both with serious background in outdoor activity in worldwide environments, both of them determined to get over this new challenge, climbing to an altitude of 2550m and hauling 100kg pulks.

Mustard Robley

Fran Middleton

If you think that's the first adventure over the icefields well you're wrong, Mustard Robley and Matt Franzke done a similar project in Greeland, in 2007, traversing, by ski, 570km across the Greenland Ice Cap to help rebuild Lebanon and celebrate 100 years of Scouting.

Mustard Robley & Matt Franzke

They intend to man-haul sleds or ‘pulks’ with backcountry skis on to the top of the ice-cap and then switch to snow-kites and downhill skis to complete the crossing using as much wind power as possible. Their tent, cooking equipment, food and other essentials will all be contained in their pulks and towed behind'em as they ski along.

The Nort Star Team is currently seeking sponsors or supporters to help supply specialised Arctic specific equipment, flights, medical equipment, food and communication equipment. Less than 3 weeks to go to departure day, so if you want to give a hand DO IT NOW!

Good luck to North Star Team with this project, and fingers crossed for a safe traverse!